How to measure

1. Hight of the body from the top of the head to the ground.

2. Distance from the shoulder ( the spot where neck meets the shoulder) to the ground.

3. Distance from the chest to the ground (measured from nipples).

4. Distance from under the bust / pectoralis major.

5. Distance from the waist to the ground.

6. Distance from the bellybuttn to the ground.

7. Distance from the widest prat of the hips to the ground.

8. Distance from the crotch to the ground.

9. Distance from the knee to the ground.

10. Distance from the widest part of the calve to the ground.

Distance from the widest part of the tigh (under the buttocks) to the kneecap.

12. Distance from the kneecap to the widest part of the calve.

13. Distance from the widest part of the calve to the ankle.

14. Lenght of the arm from the peak of the shoulder to the wrist.

15. Lenght of the bent arm measured from the shoulder through elbow to the wrist.

16. Lenght from the wrist to the elbow joint.

17. Lenght from the shoulder to the elbow joint.

18. Distance from the neck (point where shoulder meets neck) to the peak of the shoulder.

19. Width of the shoulders.

20. Width of the back (measured from armpit to armpit).

21. Girth of the neck.

22. Girth of the armpit through the peak of the shoulder.

23. Girth of the chest measured through nipples.

24. Girth of the waist.

25. Girth of the belly through bellybutton.

26. Girth of the hips.

27. Girth of the biceps (tense).

28. Girth of the elbow (slightly bent).

29. Girth of the forearm (tense).

30. Girth of the wrist.

31. Girth of the widest part of the tigh (under bottocks line).

32. Girth of the knee through kneecap.

33. Girth of the calve.

34. Girth of the foot (through the heel - instep).

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